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How large should my portfolio be? 

It can be up to 40 pages long and must be under 15 MB in size. 

I am an art school student, am I eligible for a discounted fee?

Yes, all art students that provide relevant school documents can apply for a reduced fee of 35 USD/EUR.

Can I pay the application fee with a bank transfer?

Yes, in this case, you will have to provide all of the files and materials directly by email to alongside the bank transfer receipt. Banking details are indicated in the Terms & Conditions file in section 7. 

If selected, will I get a print copy of the publication?

Yes, you can either reach out to pick up your copy at one of our distribution & presentation events (major art fairs), alternatively, a print copy will be sent to your shipping address indicated in the application form.

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Terms and Conditions (ENG)

99 Future Blue-Chip Artists 2024 is an Open Call dedicated to the support and promotion of artistic research in the field of traditional and digital mediums.
Specifically, the categories allowed are illustration, painting, graphics, digital art, performance, sound art, video art,  photography, sculpture, and installation.  

All other categories pertaining to visual arts that are not explicitly mentioned are also admitted.


Art. 1 – PURPOSE


This Open Call is designed for artists and its core objective is to promote and support the future generation of Blue-Chip creatives.


Mirroring the Artsted mission to foster the new generation of artists and collectors, we aim to connect these two categories in a new and transparent way showcasing 99 international artists that are changing the art system.




The Open Call is open to any kind of artist, without any limit of age or qualification. Both single artists and artist collectives (2 or more people) are accepted.




The selection will take place in two different rounds. 


In the first stage, in which the jury is composed of the Artsted team, will make the first selection.

In the second phase, in which the artists previously selected by the team, are evaluated by the external jury of art critics, advisors, and gallerists, which will decide the finalists and prize winners, as well as special mentions.


The artists present in the top 5 positions of the final ranking

(excluding the Main Prize winner who is not allowed to participate again in the following years) will have the right of direct access to the final of the following year through a free invitation. 


Art. 4 –  PRIZES and BENEFITS 


1st tier: 5 artists
10.000,00 € in exhibition fees for a collective exhibition that will take place in the spring of 2023. (exhibition fees: adv, dedicated meetings with collectors, studio visits, targeted content on Artsted editorial and social media channels)
Every winner for the 1st tier will benefit from the Premium Artsted subscription for a year. A two-page spread in the print publication and a complimentary copy.


2nd tier: 5 artists
8.000,00 € in bonus advertising and content on our social media platforms and on the Artsted Blog (approx. 5 dedicated posts over the course of 12 months)

Free consultations with our team experts regarding portfolio review, content strategy, exhibition opportunities, residency programs, and more. One full page in the print publication and a complimentary copy.


3rd tier: 6 artists

5.000,00 € in bonus advertising and content on our social media platforms and on the Artsted Blog. One consultation with our team experts regarding portfolio review. One full page in the print publication and a complimentary copy.


4th tier: 10 artists
3.000,00€ in bonus advertising and content on our social media platforms and on the Artsted Blog. One full page in the print publication and a complimentary copy.


Special mention by jurors

The special mentions will be distinguished in a separate section, with the relative jury members that selected them. 




Applications will be accepted until 23:59:59 CET on November, 30th 2023.


The artists selected to be featured on the 99 Future Blue-Chip Artists print edition will be announced by January 30th, 2024 through the Open Call website, social media and newsletter.


By February 20th, 2024 the jury of experts will announce the special mentions on the Artsted website, social media, and newsletter.

The print version of the publication will be sent to the 99 finalists in January 2024 to the shipping address indicated during the original application.




Online membership. The entry of the candidate's work, texts, captions, payment fee, etc. takes place within the Open Call website through an application form.

The cost of participation in the 99 Future Blue-Chip Artists 2023 nominations for qualified artists is equal to €50/50 USD.

For artists enrolled in Art Schools or Academies for the year 2022/2023, the discounted application fee equals €35/35 USD.
To access the discounted fee it is necessary to specify the school attended by the artist, attaching the University/Academy badge to the application accompanied by a government-issued ID.


Artsted reserves the right to postpone the closing date of all announcements if deemed necessary.




The following payment methods are accepted:


  1. Credit/debit card directly on the website in the application form.


  1. Bank transfer


Account holder: Artisfact Limited



IBAN: BE68 9670 1295 6334


In case of payment by bank transfer, the transfer receipt should be sent to with “Open Call” in the subject line, along with all of the necessary materials requested in the Application Form (the form itself does not need to be filled out on the website).




The artists hold the rights to the images of the works inserted online but grant Artsted the use for the purposes of communication and promotion: to create the print publication, the associated promotion material.


The person or collective making the application is entirely responsible for the contents of the visual and textual material sent and transmitted on the site of the open call. Artsted reserves the right to remove defamatory or obscene texts or images, unless they are formally motivated by the artist. 


The images of the candidate's works will remain visible online or in use, being part of the

 complete visual documentation of open call activity, and cannot be removed.

The candidate expressly authorizes Artsted, as well as their direct delegates, to process the personal data of the participating artist in accordance with law 675/96 (the Privacy Act) and subsequent amendments 196/2003 (Privacy Code), including for the purpose of inclusion in databases operated by such persons. Any dispute will be dealt with in the United Kingdom and according to the United Kingdom law.


The personal data, images of the works or videos shot by Artsted during an event, to promote the artists and their work, for promotion on the web, communication, or marketing, may be used by Artsted without necessarily requiring the consent of the parties. Artisfact Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the notice if the need arises.

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